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"Help boost your child's Confidence, Improve their grades and Give them the Physical and Mental Edge that will change their Lives!"


Our Little Dragons Program is far more than
an extra curricular activity. It empowers children
with powerful techniques and strategies for life-long
success! We will teach them how to intelligently cope
with bullying and peer pressure-positive social values
such as: Respect, Honesty, Humility and Dignity.

We help children get along with others and treat them
with respect.

Our Junior I program integrates sport and self-defense
techniques with conditioning and "skill drills" that are specifically
designed to enhance your child's coordination, motor skills, agility
and flexibility.

This program also has an age specific detailed curriculum that
consists of eight major skills that are necessary for personal

Focus Concentration
Team Work Coordination
Control Fitness
Balance Discipline

This is the specific age where peer pressure has it's strongest impacton your child's decisions.

It is more challenging than ever to be a teenager in America. Fear and distractions seems to be at an all-time high, and our media-savvy kids arewell aware of it.

Studies show the preteens enrolled in martial arts, make better, more thought out decisions and are less likely to be influenced by their peers.

I was looking for a martial arts class for my son to help with his balance, coordination and strength. I was excited to find the Little Dragons program! My son has been an enthusiastic participant for a little over a year. This program has far exceeded my expectations. The class is engaging and challenging and I have seen dramatic gains in my son’s physical skills.

The teaching staff, Greg in particular, is phenomenal! Greg greets each session with enthusiasm and takes the time to really get to know each of the students; their needs, their lives, their families. He demonstrates excellent abilities both in regards to the skills he is teaching and his ability to instruct the students. He successfully adjusts his instruction to the varied abilities of his students.

In addition, to my son’s physical development, The Little Dragons program also instills valuable character development. Embedded in the physical challenges are lessons in respect and responsibility. I feel that DWMMA goes a long way to partner with parents in creating confident, fit and respectful boys and girls. I highly recommend the Little Dragons program!

Sarah Vozzo

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